Creating clean, thermal sun energy towards a greater common future.

Our Solution

The sun is one of our most valuable and unused resources, and Morpho Solar aims at shifting the energy market towards a solar focus. Our goal is to ba a pioneer within the solar cooking industry by providing heat storage solutions. We have a world leading heat storage technology and will develop an add-on product for solar grills. Additionally, we are a distributor of the solar grill SolSource (by One Earth Designs) to the Scandinavian market. 

Heat Storage

Morpho has the commercial rights to world leading heat storage research and our product development is inspired by seven years of research from 9 PhD’s and 20 master students. The research has been conducted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU) and six cooperative African universities, and Morpho has identified a market that fits the technology.

Morpho's technology uses Solar Salt as a phase changing material (PCM) to store heat energy. The PCM Solar Salt consists of a Nitrate mixture designed for solar systems. The salt melts at 220 degrees C to melt and the heat is regained when the salt solidifies.

Morpho will enter the energy heat storage market by firstly focusing on the niche market of solar grilling.

Solar Grilling

Solar grilling is grilling food with the power of the sun. Morpho Solar is a distributor of SolSource in Scandinavia, which is the most efficient and user-friendly solar grill on the market. It is a parabolic solar grill and can boil 1 litre of water in only 10 minutes. 

Cooking healthy food together with friends and family outdoors is a trend on the raise. Solar grills are seen as a supplement to traditional grills, and have been sold in the US, Asia and Australia. Solar grills have not yet been promoted in Europe. Morpho Solar believes Europe will pick up the global solar grilling trends and see this market as a Blue Ocean of opportunities.

After developed countries have shown that solar grilling is possible, then developing countries will follow. Morpho Solar's long term motivation and strategy is to target developing countries in order to help fight deforestation and negative health issues resulting from indoor smoke pollution.

Morpho is a set of butterflies that are threatened by deforestation. The name is also inspired by the novel “Mengele Zoo” (Gert Nygårdshaug), where the Blue Morpho is central.


Morpho Solar has already received great acknowledgements within the field of social entrepreneurship and renewable energy.

Morpho Solar was awarded the best social entrepreneurship in the business plan competition Venture Cup- Region Mid-Norway, in April. The team received the prize of 1500 USD at the big event Innovator, at Studentersamfundet in Trondheim, and was the first reward Morpho Solar received.

In august 2014 Morpho Solar received Grønn Fase’s energy award of NOK 50.000, acknowledging Norway’s best idea within renewable energy. The price was awarded by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Tord Lien.

Who are we?

Morpho Solar is a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU). We are a young and highly motivated team team, please read more about us below. 


Guro Grytli Seim, CEO

Guro has background from Material Technology engineering and entrepreneurship at NTNU. Guro has gained wide international experience through long periods abroad in Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany and the UK. Guro has held positions in organisations like ISFiT, Café NordSør and Operation a Day’s Work, where she has acquired valuable skills in leadership. Guro is enthusiastic, ambitious and hard working and loves to spend time out in the nature, either by running, swimming or diving in tropical waters.


Even Haug Larsen, CMO

Even has a four year degree in teaching from HiST, with English, social science and physical education as his main subjects. Even has gathered broad international working experience from Norway, South- Africa, Ecuador, Zambia and Caucasus countries. In 2013 Even was a dialogue facilitator for ISFIT, focusing on peace building and dialogue for students from Caucasus. He is a creative and opportunity seeking person, who likes to meet new people. Besides his studies Even loves to travel, and have visited more than 65 different countries.


Dag Håkon, CTO

Dag Håkon is responsible for product development in Morpho Solar. He holds a MSc. degree in Nanotechnology with advanced materials as his specialisation. Dag Håkon has been employed as an engineer at NTNU and also have experience from Corporate Relations in AIESEC and is currently Chairman of the Board in Save the Children in Trondheim. Previous startup founding experience includes the space organisation SEDS Norway and instrumentation business FlexiMetrix. He loves new knowledge and ideas.

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